AEISPACE Institute was established in 2016 and is based in Cyprus.

AEISPACE Institute has a vision about implementing basic and applied research and acting like a higher-education center but in a more agile, corporate framework.

AEISPACE Institute supports research projects in the areas of space, aerospace, security and defense, materials science and processing, remote sensing, IoT, and related ICT and engineering fields.

AEISPACE Institute participates in global, European and national research projects promoting research through the development of non-formal training programs, adult life-long education, and professional training and it can host post-graduate and doctoral programs.

AEISPACE Institute has been supporting a long list of more than 1000 international conferences in most fields of engineering, and has been producing a list of world-class conference, journal and book publications while it supports all professional activities and events for the benefit of engineering education.

AEISPACE Institute collaborates with world-class organizations, in the areas of space and aerospace engineering to achieve its mission.

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